Backup Backup Backup.  Hard drives fail. Find a good backup solution and do it often.

Save Money. Turn off computers when not in use (Except Servers).  Average cost to run one PC 24 hours is about $330 per year.

Never give your password out. No legitimate company will ever ask you for your password on the internet.  Also don’t access you online bank account from a shared/public computer.

Beware of popups that tell you they have found pests. Make sure this message is from your Antivirus software and not a hoax.

ALT-F4. When a popup does show up telling you to buy their product because it found ‘pests’ on your machine, perform a ALT-F4 and reboot your PC.

Do not let Microsoft Updates install themselves. This way you initiate the update and know exactly what you are downloading.

Put your computer on a UPS. A UPS or a battery backup will help protect your PC from brown outs and black outs.

Put a Router/Firewall on your network. This will protect your network from outside world.

There are no free lunches. Be careful of anything offered for free on the internet.

Reboot your PC. Often times a simple reboot can fix a lot of your PC   problems.

Don’t give out any sensitive information. No legitimate company will ever ask for that over the internet.


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