Career Transition Coaching


Certified Professional Executive Coach – Transforming Lives… One DARE at a TiME!

Tamarra Causley Robinson, CEO and Founder of Causley Robinson & Associates, LLC is a Certified Executive Coach specializing in Life and Career Transitions. She’s a game changer in the lives of professionals who are successful in their careers while also feeling disconnected from their sense of self.

Do You:

  • Feel overworked and underappreciated for the sacrifies you make on a daily basis on behalf of the organization?
  • Feel invisible when making a statement or sharing your opinion?
  • Know you are qualified for the next step in your career and unable to break through the barrier of being noticed as the viable candidate?
  • Spend more time at work, thinking about work or working at home than being in committed relationships (family & friends)?
  • Know that change is happening in your current environment and unsure of what steps to take to prepare for and survive the change?

If you have answered “yes” to one or more of the statements above and want an immediate change, reach out to me at 877-804-4148 or e-mail me directly at [email protected] for a no-obligation complimentary strategy session. During that conversation, we will determine the right fit and the next steps towards your personal freedom!

My Mission

My mission is to create a massive movement of professionals who are inspired and empowered to re-discover their voice, to have the audacity to make a courageous choices, and to boldly take charge of their lives and careers without apology, guilt, or shame. Clients who work with me have a renewed sense of freedom, are happier and more balanced in their approach to life, and are no longer reluctant to face their fears. They become more comfortable with the discomfort of change and begin life anew in a more purposeful way, one authentic, courageous, confident decision (and dare) at a time.

My Experience

Tamarra has 25+ years of corporate experience, 20 of which were spent at PwC as a Leader in the Information Technology Support organization. She’s navigated a great deal of organizational and cultural change and has successfully lead herself and others on how to make these changes work towards their advantage. Tamarra also has extensive Human Resource exposure and experience as a Diversity Leader, Executive Leadership Coaching for emerging Global Leaders, and Personal Development Leadership Coaching for Senior Associate staff. Tamarra attributes her competitive and “never say die” nature to her love of sports where she found her voice and confidence as a leader and team player.

Tamarra gained her credentials through the Institute of Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC) in 2009 and recently achieved her PCC (Professional Certified Coach) credentialing status through the International Coach Federation, demonstrating proficiency in coaching totaling 750 + coaching hours since being certified.



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