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Asenka Interactive is a full service digital marketing agency located on Alexander road in Princeton. Since 2002 we have been supporting our clients business marketing needs and while we offer a full range of services, our primary focus is in custom website development and digital marketing.

Website Development

More and more companies are turning to websites as alternate sources of revenue. To be truly effective here you need a plan that outlines your goals and methods you’ll use to accomplish that. You’ll also need some experience in what works and what doesn’t out there, and its an ever-evolving landscape out there. Beyond all that, you need to make sure your company’s brand and message is reflected in a consistent way and that the final product is something that your market can use. We’ve developed websites of all sizes and functionality for clients across a wide range of industries. Give us a call for a free assessment of what your needs are and what it might take to accomplish your goals online. You can see some more examples of our work here.

Online Visibility & Digital Marketing

These days roughly 80% of online purchases start with a keyword search. You need to make an intentional effort to be positioned among the growing competition for search engine presence. Our programs are engineered to turn your website into a revenue generating tool for your business. A top ranking in Google is great, but if it doesn’t bring you business, it’s not helping you grow.

Where we stand apart from other companies offering similar services in that we are also critically concerned with what your traffic is doing once they arrive on your site. We strive to provide you with quality traffic and track it so we can qualify and monitor the results of your online marketing dollars long after other companies check out. This behavior analysis is often enlightening regarding what tactics are really driving ROI and what might be better off reworked.

Our packages cover Search Engine Optimization to help the natural (free) results in search engines, Pay-per-click Advertising, social media options, and the growing need for local visibility optimization. We designed the plans to be flexible enough to switch with the needs the business we are supporting. In short, you are paying our time and knowledge and we provide the expertise, monitoring, monthly reports, and any optimization efforts to get you where you need to be, SEO, SEM, SMM, Local, Banner Advertising, wherever that might be. Get more details here.


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