Office Space & Mailboxes

Intelligent Office offers shared office space and virtual office services.  The office in Princeton, NJ, located at 300 Carnegie Center, Suite 150, provides clients a professional staff and a professional office that works better and costs less than a traditional office.  We offer the following:
•    24/7 access
•    Space to meet
•    Professional Address
•    Office Equipment
•    Reception/Administrative Services
•    Ability to work at over 60 North American Locations
•    Mail and Mailbox Services
•    Flexible Occupancy
Our facility has temporary offices, executive offices, co-working space, and meeting rooms to provide the ability to work as you choose.  You can avoid the cost and commitment of a long-term commercial office space lease and full-time staff.
For small businesses and entrepreneurs who cannot afford a full-time administrator, Intelligent Office has Intelligent Assistants (IA’s) who are highly trained and can provide an unlimited number of custom services such as:
•    Phone Answering customized to your specifications
•    Scheduling Appointments
•    Confirmation Calls
•    Answering frequently asked questions (FAQ’s)
•    Customer Intake Forms to capture prospect information
•    Invoicing and payment collection
•    Customer Service such as order placement
•    Meeting Preparation
•    Social Media Management


Since every business is different, we offer these services on demand and ȃ la carte, so you only pay for the services you use when you need them.  Our Intelligent Assistant virtual assistant service provides the help you need without having to spend the time and expense required to hire, train, and maintain full-time employees.  Most importantly, it allows small businesses to gain efficiencies by working on building their business, rather than worrying about the routine tasks that take away development time.
Intelligent Office is ideal for entrepreneurs working from home or working mobile, with all of the necessary elements of a professional traditional office, but used differently.  It becomes the client’s office.  This is where the client’s phone number lives and where it is answered by the Intelligent Assistant.  This is the professional address on their business cards and stationary.  This is where their mail is delivered, where their customers drop things off and picks them up, and where they meet their customers in a professional setting.
Whether you need an office, meeting space, mailbox services, and/or virtual assistant services; Intelligent Office has the resources to help you succeed and grow your business.

For More Information Contact Us:
Intelligent Office
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