Most people who start a business, particularly a small business, begin with just themselves in the business.  They typically take care of everything at the start, perhaps including being the attorney and accountant but certainly marketing and sales for that business.  Given the internet resources available, it seems that this approach is perfectly reasonable.

It’s usually justified based on cost since money is tight and every dollar not spent is a good thing, right?  Over time things begin to happen that will change that model.  Perhaps the owner is successful enough so that his taxes become too complicated.  Or maybe some legal or insurance issue comes up and internet resources prove totally inadequate so the owner calls on outside experts.

Outside of these kinds of specific concerns, many small business owners expect themselves to be everything else for their business.  Maybe they will allow their wife or other relatives to help but they still see spending money on those things as just an extra cost.  This is the Do-It-Yourself approach to business and there are some that can succeed with this model, but not most.

As an alternative to this model, some forward thinking business owners begin to identify areas in their business where their time is not well spent.  Either because it is a low value task or it is outside their ability to perform it at a high level.  Sometimes they just need help implementing the great ideas they never have time to incorporate into their business.

They begin to see relative value in various tasks and, it order to free up their time, consider making an investment in some services.  They begin to think about spending time working “On” their business, not just “In” their business.  That’s the beginning of turning a business from Good to Great.

The Princeton Business Services group has a wide range of highly competent professionals who can help any business find the path from Good to Great.  Whether it is marketing, computer support, legal, insurance, business coaching, office services, promotional products or travel services, these professionals can help a business owner find that path to success.  Take a look at these great professionals and take the first step to being that journey.

Transforming your business means many things to many people.  Mostly it depends on what you want to get out of your business.  Is it mainly about money or does it also have to do with personal satisfaction, work/life balance, flexibility, being helpful in your community, giving back or something else.
My working definition of transformation is creating future possibilities without the constraints of the past.  How powerful would that be if you were not held back by the past?  Would your business be a much more satisfying place?
In my coaching career I’ve seen many people who are burdened and held back by past business experiences, particularly in the past several years.  Perhaps they had a bad experience with a difficult client or were put in a very awkward position by an unethical employee.  The way forward seems as cloudy and uncertain as the past does.
If you find yourself in that situation there are many things you can do to move forward and a coach’s job is to help you find that path, ask tough questions,  challenge the status quo, take you out of your comfort zone,  clarify goals and objectives, and create specific action steps to follow that will accelerate your success.
Part of this effort will be to re-imagine your business, create a new vision, re-connect with your original “Why” and the passion that lead you to your business.
A great first step, which can sometimes help, is to re-visit the excitement you felt when you first became a business owner.  Start by writing down all the reasons you started your business.  The simple act of writing it down will help you re-connect with that excitement.
If you are OK with just being OK, transformation might not be on your radar.  However, if you are feeling stuck, stagnant, frustrated or just plain tired, then you may need to take a step back and engage someone you can help you get a different perspective on your business and take it to the next level.
You have nothing to lose and everything to gain because positive thought, without positive action, leaves you with positively nothing!
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